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Communication - exchange of data and information - is one of the most powerful economy factors today. To handle this mass data powerful IT and telecommunication infrastructures are available. Maintenance, add ons, service and documentation of this infrastructure demands a fair amount of time and skills. AT+C Connecting Manager VM.7 makes planning and managing of network infrastructur a transparent task.

AT+C Connecting Manager VM.7 is a powerful information system for complex network environment, a variable cable management system and its Documentation. It combines the geographical corresponding structure of a building drawing with the logic of a database. This combination assures a most flexible network organization on terms of logical and area criterions.

With integration of AT+C Facility Manager FM.7 its possible to manage areas, furniture as well as technical equipment. The link of all data optimizes planning, visualizes changes and helps to realize these changes. It also supports error analysis and problem elimination.



Product features

  • Powerful and efficient help during planning, installation, documentation and maintenance of network-infrastructure
  • Integrated facility Manager
  • User friendly windows based application
  • Interface to all other windows based applications (DDE, OLE, MDI)
  • Modular structure


  • Visualize support of connecting lines via scheme/diagram or as CAD symbols
  • Routing during layouting of cables or connecting of devices
  • Capacity information of networkchannels (volume or weight)
  • Link to measurement data (cable scanner)
  • Bidirectional interface to databases
  • Multilink from cable to devices (1 -> n)
  • Preemptive userinterface with "click" and "double click"



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