Space Management Tool

A main challenge of facility maintenance is the collection and evaluation of areas/spaces or an association to their logical areas. Detailed information on existing areas are the basis of a powerful facility maintenance. A series of automatic functions are offered to the user.

"Intelligent contours" can flexibly be defined as "areas", "rooms", "employee space" and common "areas" (regions). A "visual guide" enables the user to follow interrelations between areas/spaces/regions and their associated attributes (root). All areas automatically get a "room reference" which will be automatically updated with every change. Therefore areas, rooms and layouts can be easily defined, calculated and visualized.

Alternative variations can be calculated with selected parameters to get a maximum of the available areas or space.

A powerful help function supports the user to get an optimum usage in the interrelation of areas to existing layouts. All changes will be automatically stored and updated in the database.



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