AT+C Facility Manager VM.7


The challenges in successful building- and inventory maintenance are getting more complex all the time. The mass information has to be actively controlled to reach an optimum cost and profit management. The Software AT+C Facility Manager VM.7 is an intelligent and powerful program which optimizes modern FM challenges. The Software supports logically transparent and user friendly all aspects of organization, operation and management of buildings and sites.

Challenges of AT+C Facility Manager VM.7 are:

  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Report of planning tools
  • Updates during planning
  • Moving planes and administration
  • Organization planning
  • Area planning and administration
  • Area cost analysis
  • Fundamentals of Rental and Operating control
  • Planning of new or remodeled structures
  • Visual support of inventory database
  • Telephoneadministration
  • Keymanagement
  • Object security



The AT+C Facility Manager VM.7 can be utilized for any kind of building management of banking institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, apartments as well as fairs, trading commerce up to municipal administration, historical landmark restoration, city planning and energy supply facilities.

The core module of the AT+C Facility Manager VM.7 is an integration of an SQL database (ORACLE or MS-SQL-Server) and a CAD system (AutoCAD or CADVANCE) which generates information from the database. OLE, DDE and MDI are supported. Therefore it is assured that information and data from all windows applications can be exchanged with other windows programs. All attributes attached to the graphics will be updated automatically even during drawing updates.


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