Areas of use

AT+C Facility Manager FM.7 consists of modules. Single components based on individual requirements can be linked to a powerful modular program system.

Within facility management the user can choose between several modules:

  • Strategic planning (Space requirements, management requirements, Real Estate and Furnishings, Rental environments, financing, staff planning)
  • Internal management (Calculation of cost, remodeling, moving activities)
  • Budget estimates (Budget control, planned vs. actual cost comparison)
  • Calculation of cost (Cost accounting, areas, spaces, depreciations, operational cost)
  • Staff (Telephon directories, security subjects, parking lots, employee management, employment standards, staff planning)
  • Inventory/Assets (Planning, procuring, asset management, depreciation)
  • Maintenance (Assets, cleaning schedules, waste removal, security technology, maintenance)
  • Alternatives (Administration of remote locations, moving administration, building extensions, leasing, purchase, rental)
  • Communications (IT configuration, Network management, Telephone systems)
  • Realisation (Room description, number and volume, furnishing, overview plans, detail drawings)



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