The user friendly AT+C Facility Manager FM.7 offers many features: the modular structure, easy to use windows, interfaces to all windows applications, free definition of database indexes, attractive price/performance ratio.

Advantages of AT+C Facility-Manager FM.7:

Vectorized structure

  • Import of CAD drawings (DXF/DWG and HPGL)
  • Import of pixel graphics (about 30 formates)
  • Export as DXF, DWG, VWF, HPGL
  • Powerful vector editor
  • Symbol libraries
  • Recognition of logical units
  • Object orientation
  • User defined adaptation


  • Visualization of any detail
  • Reload of existing drawings into new drawings (reference objects)
  • Printing/plotting of entire screen content

Graphical navigation

  • User defined adaptation
  • Interface to the following program languages: C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic etc.
  • Macrofunctions
  • Macroscripts
  • Integrated macro compiler
  • Integrated Database Manager


  • Interfaces to all windows applications

Structured informations

  • Additional information per "double click"

Moving/Moving Management

  • Furniture layout
  • Inventory
  • Automatical data updates

Reference data

  • i. e. manufacturer, part no., color etc.
  • Item attributes will be moved
  • Import functions


  • Integrated reporting tool for: every area, any object (selective), per drawing, project report, for areas, inventories and components.

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